Writer’s Paralysis

I used to write. A lot. I had a blog on a site called Yahoo360. I wrote mostly about teaching back then. And some personal stuff. I could be anonymous, and I had some followers, some who became friends and at least one who moved to Facebook with me when Yahoo360 went down.

Now, I want to be able to write again, not just for others or for pay like I do now. Or in short bursts like I might on Facebook or Instagram. I want to be able to write about my experiences and share them.

Perhaps therein lies the problem. The sharing part. Something about the vulnerability of it especially when I’ve learned that blogging in this day and age is not as anonymous as it used to be.

People will find you out. They will judge you by your thoughts, however temporary or exploratory. Your words can hurt you when bounced back at you through the lens of a critic. And yet I am drawn to it. Drawn to publishing, drawn to those who might understand and commiserate.

We’ll see.